Dan Hibiki is a character from the video game series Street Fighter. He first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha(?). He was created by Capcom for revenge against SNK. Capcom claimed that SNK combined Ryu and Ken to create Art of Fighting hero Ryo Sakazaki. Capcom, instead of sueing, did the same thing back and combined Ryo and Robert to create Dan. Dan is very weak and is a joke character.

His story in the Street Fighter series is that when he was a boy, Sagat lost his temper and killed Dan's father, Go Hibiki. Dan was upset at this, and promised to train so that he could get revenge on Sagat. So he went to Master Gouken to learn Shotokan(Gouken is also Ryu's and Ken's master; He trained Dan before Ryu and Ken).Eventually, Dan got kicked out of the dojo because he always talked about using Shotokan to get revenge on Sagat, which Gouken is against. Without a master, Dan came up with the worst idea possible: Self-Teaching. His fireball, which is Gadoken, means "Self-Taught Fist". When Dan finally found Sagat, he challenged Sagat. Sagat let him win on purpose because he felt guilty for his rage, which let him kill Go Hibiki and lose to Adon. The following probably happened:

Dan: SAGAT! You killed my father!

Sagat: Yes! Now fight me!

Dan: GADOKEN! *smacks Sagat*

Sagat: ARRRGH! You win! *falls*

Dan: OYAJI! I finally avenged you, father! *runs off celebrating*

Sagat: *opens eyes and smiles*

Dan's style is known as Saikyou, or Strongest. Ever since his "victory" against Sagat, he opened up his own dojo and is searching for students.
*in the arcade, people are watching. A nobody, Player 2, challenges Player 1, who has a winning streak of 6*
Player 1:Yo.
Player 2:Hey.
Player 1:Alright, I'm gonna kick your ass with Akuma!
*Player 2 chooses Dan Hibiki*
Player 1 and everyone else:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Player 1:Dan sucks! You can't possibly beat me!
*Dan wins the match*
Player 2:Ha! You suck! You can't even beat Dan!

Dan should only be used for humiliation, because he is very weak.
by NightShade25 June 27, 2006
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