Down-DownTwoards-Forward + Punch ---HADOUKEN----Essentially it's a blue fireball that emerges from between the two open palms held together at the wrist of an assailant. It causes severe damage to your health and cannot be blocked. You can, however, leap over it but you must get the timing right.
OLD SCHOOL...AHHH they knew how to do it back then!
it's actually from Street Fighter the video users of the word will be familiar...I just HADOUKEN his ass...took his life!
by Samir Mansour March 8, 2008
A renowned sex move.
To find a (usually male) friend, with a willing older lady (possibly gilf).
The friend lifts the dame's vagina up to eye height. Participant

then gives a dragon uppercut into the lady's mimsy while
screaming HADOUKEN! In reference to the famous cult classic Street Fighter move. The results are stimulating.

IF one cannot find a willing participant, lay said lady on a table and try out RYUKEN. results are equally effective
Stew "hey Cecil, remember when we Hadouken'd your Mother?"
Cecil "good times good times"
by Kenneth_the_quim May 15, 2010
the act of double fisting someone, so that the arms look like Ryu's from street fighter, only inside another persons body. Can be done double vaginal, double anal, or mix-and-match.

"What were you doing when I walked in, you looked wrist deep?!"
"I was, man. Totally gave her the hadouken."
by CaptSkubba February 5, 2009
When one is fisting a partner and one hand is already inside the ass/pussy and the other hand is worked in along side it. You then work both arms in and out at the same time like the motion Ryu performs in the Street Fighter series. Can be seen in the 70's porn titled "Candy Stripers". HADOUKEN may or may not be yelled as the moved is performed.
by japanda82 January 28, 2012
A special attack introduced in the popular fighting game "Street Fighter" made by Capcom and has since become a staple to the series. It is known to be used by Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. A similar strike can be performed by Dan as well.
The attack itself is a projectile of fire/ether emitted from its casters palms and travels in a forward direction.

Hadouken can also refer as a social status designating your cool credibility.
I will spam my hadoukens across the stage so you can't come near me!

Eddy is soooo hadouken for pimp smacking that girl when she cheated on him. He is so down-right fierce!
by Alexis Monsivaiz January 2, 2009
A fingering technique were the thumb is used to stimulate the G-spot, with the fingers wrapped over the pubic bone. When done with two hands (the second thumb goes in the anus) it looks like Ryu from Street Fighter throwing a hadouken.
Nick... "How do you make a girl squirt?"

Adam... "Just use the hadouken!"
by theBSCshow May 18, 2011
When you "stop" at a four way intersection and then proceed to do a 360 around all the stop signs so you end up going in the opposite direction.
"Oh shit, did you see that guy do a 360 around the stop signs?"

"Yeah, he totally hadoukened that shit up"
by Spanko April 28, 2010