the belief that if it doesn't have a siren in it, it isn't music.
guy 1: what is this? why has some twat sampled a fire alarm and then that bit from Kill Bill? you know, the music in the background when the Bride sees people on the list?

guy 2: Nah man, it's all good - it's new rave.
by Mistah_Kurtz May 25, 2009
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New rave is basically a mix of fast beats that will literally get the whole room dancing. The music generally has a very positive feel about it and the kids who support the music are from a wide range of musical backgrounds, so ur gna get scene kids, ravers and other indie kids. The music varies a lot as its still a new style really! This is good as the music is VERY experimental and different, which is what music needs!! LONG LIVE NEW RAVE!!
and glowstickssss!!

Its bands like the klaxons, css, new young pony club, datarock, the sunshine underground, late of the pier, mdma, dandi wind, supersystem, these new puritons, hot chip and shitdisco.

this is just a few, there are wayyyy more!!
If you want to get a real feel of New Rave go for bands like klaxons, shitdisco and CSS...=D
by NewRaveRiotVan April 25, 2007
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A new scene fad that has emerged in recent months.
Sometimes reffered to as Nu Rave.
Popular among "popular" indie jock types, who use daddy's money to buy flourescent clothing and "save the rave" tshirts before going to clubs and dancing with stupid glowsticks in their hands.
The term was jokingly coined by the Klaxons who since have disowned the term, saying it was a joke.. but as usual, retarded scene kids latched onto the term, calling it new rave, even though the music has NOTHING to do with Rave.
Generally it involves making god-aweful techno sounds with keyboards backed with pumping basslines.
Bands associated with the movement are Hadouken!, Klaxons and CSS among others.

Hopefully this piece-of-shit movement will reach saturation point quickly and fuck-off back into obscurity so that my eyes can stop being assaulted by the aweful fashion associated with it.
Indie Kid: "OOOOOH New Rave is so original and fun".

Sane person: "Shut the fuck up, this isn't music, it hurts my ears"

by Hadouken suck June 16, 2007
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a lifestyle with a certain type of music (fast and often wordless with electronic sounding noises) and a clothing style. the clothing style for me is amazing involving incredibly skintight jeans on both boys and girls and often leggings again on girls AND boys (both are great) everything worn is in the brightest colour possible and intended to be noticed. the style is often influenced by 60's 70's and 80's styles. fringes feature a lot as popular hair styles .
contrary to popular belief the klaxons are NOT NEW RAVE. they have said this themselves in many interviews. they just made up the term. i think new rave is the best fashion ever.
by TeamWitty. March 04, 2007
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A form of music widely said to have orginated in the UK although some say it has been prominant in New York and the rest of the USA before the UK. The leaders of the movementare widely accepted to be Klaxons (UK) and CSS (Brazil).

The music contains many Dance (music genre) orientated elements alongside elements of Indie Rock. A typical new rave band would consitst of: a vocalist, a drummer, a guitarist, bassist and a keyboard player.

Other things associated with new rave are: Glowsticks, MDMA (ecstasy), bright colours, tight fitting clothes for both males and females, necklaces that have large logos or 7" vinyl discs.....
New Rave Bands: Klaxons, CSS, Shitdisco, Datarock, Hadouken!, Late Of The Pier, New Young Pony Club, Trash Fashion.
by fluorescent-guy June 11, 2007
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