A Manifestation of ones ki, In this case in a fireball-like form. Exhibited in the street fighter series by characters such as ken,ryu,sakura,akuma,dan(to a lesser extent) and so on. In the true street fighter canon,it is said that the temperature can be anywhere from a "cold bath" "to a hot bath" in which the heat of the hadouken plays a small part in the damage aspect. it is the actual force of the energy that does that damage. So it feels like a "super hard punch".
Sakura's hadouken is the temperature of a tepid bath.
by nick harmer August 29, 2005
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an ejaculation so powerful that knocks the intercourse partner out; hadouken usually occurs after a long period of no sexual activity. The ejaculation is sometimes accompanied by the male shouting "hadouken".
-"hey dwayne, wanna go running?"

-"no i can't, i am actually sore from last night; i fell off the bed after I got a hadouken "
by nik21 February 5, 2009
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A special fireball-type attack performed by Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma, and that one girl that idolizes Ryu in Street Fighter 2-Alpha 2 and on.

Performed using a quarter circle on the control pad:

Down, Down-Left, Left, Punch. If comboed correctly, you can daze your opponent, and close in for a Dragon Punch.
"Dude! Quit Hadoukening me! It's making me off balance!"
"Block one then."
by Link Aurilius October 17, 2003
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The hadouken, originally Ryu's special move in Street Fighter, is now an intricate sexual move involving a can of hair spray, a Zippo lighter, and an orgasm.

Directions: While doing a girl from the back, right as you orgasm you have to line up the Zippo with the hair spray, thus spraying a large fireball toward the back of her head. At the moment of incineration, you must yell out "HADOUKEN"!
"Hey dude, where's your girl??"
"Oh, she's still in the hospital... I totally gave her a hadouken last night!"
"Oh snap, does she have any hair left??"
by Dr. Nofelgood September 18, 2009
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an awesome english band... generally called indie but there are heavy rave and grime influences in there music especially in "that boy that girl"
indie person: yea did u c the hadouken that boy that girl promo music video? it was so deck..
non indie person: isnt hadouken a move in mortal kombat or something
by franz discotheque April 13, 2007
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a manifestation of one's ki used to attack by bending the space around him through subconscious brain wave patterns.
by Anonymous July 1, 2003
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Often used as a greeting in place of the usual "Hello" but is especially used to convey intense feelings of lust when first seeing a particularly attractive member of the opposite sex
"Hadouken to you sir"

"Hadouken!" (pronounced like Leslie Phillips when he says 'well hello')
by Polish Jew August 30, 2007
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