3 definitions by Link Aurilius

1. A fighter in the immensely popular Street Fighter series that can use some of the most popular moves in the game.
2. A character in the not-so-immensely popular Breath of Fire series. Has the ability to transform into dragons and beat the living hell outta monsters.
1. Since I'm Ryu...You're gonna die, since of course, Ryu's the best.

2. Dude! That Dragon transformation Ryu just did was awesome! It kinda looked like Vegeta blowing himself up against Majin Buu...Before Buu regenerated.
by Link Aurilius October 17, 2003
1. A move performed by Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Akuma, and Dan in Street Fighter 2-Alpha 2 and many other games that involved Capcom characters.

2. Black Mage's most powerful spell that looks like a Kamehameha, but does not have the same affect. It nukes forests.
"*Sigh* Do I have to do everything myself?"
"Tempting, but I need you for a shield- I mean, a traveling cohort. No matter, time to kick some giant ass...Ha...Do...KEN!"
by Link Aurilius October 17, 2003

A special fireball-type attack performed by Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma, and that one girl that idolizes Ryu in Street Fighter 2-Alpha 2 and on.

Performed using a quarter circle on the control pad:

Down, Down-Left, Left, Punch. If comboed correctly, you can daze your opponent, and close in for a Dragon Punch.
"Dude! Quit Hadoukening me! It's making me off balance!"
"Block one then."
by Link Aurilius October 17, 2003