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Japanese for "devil" or "fiend".
The man was branded as the Akuma after his horrendous deeds.
by The Zebu January 25, 2004
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Japanese word, translates to Devil.
Often used as a nick-handle in IRC, online gaming.
by TK February 8, 2004
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In the miraculous ladybug language: Butterflies that Hawkdaddy uses to create evil villains to retrieve Ladybug and Chat Noirs’ miraculouses. As usual, Hawkdaddy fails, Ladyboobs purifies the Akuma, then it’s just a white butterfly that goes back to Hawkdaddy’s lair.
no more evil doing for you little akuma
by shmeatie August 19, 2019
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A rather powerful character in the Street Fighter series, often used by cheap scrubs who can´t play any other chars than the boring shotos; feel free to hammer those into the ground with a "lesser-ranked" char of your choice. Becomes a real pain in the ass if used by an actually good player, especially in V-ISM.
There was this Akuma noob who just got nailed by my A-Gen´s Chain into Super into Juggle Combo. You are a big fool!
by Sokaku July 9, 2004
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Character from Street Figher. Akuma goes by the name of Gouki in the Japanese versions of Street Fighter.

Deadly in the hands of pros, but most idiots just throw fireballs and try to do his special move "Raging Demon" or "Shungokusatsu" until they just give up and call the game gay.

Remember folks speed is everything.
LP,LP,-->, LK, HP
Akuma is the slayer of all...until some dumbass gets the controller.
by SaintFuse February 9, 2004
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n. 1. THe supreme master of the fist. This lone warrior is a wanderer shrouded with evil intent. He seraches for challengeres with enoguh potential to kill.
Akuma is the killer of all.
by _ July 29, 2003
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