The CORRECT pronunciation of 'China', as told by the 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE USA.
"We can't continue to allow GYNA to rape our country, and that's what they're doing" - President Donald J. Trump
by Fluxradequation February 10, 2017
This is what Donald "Dumbass" Trump thinks China is called.
Quote: "Gyna is raping our country".
by LoadedDog December 19, 2016
A user friendly slang term used to describe a lady's vagina. That comes from the word Vagina itself but has a differant spelling as not to confuse it with the female name Gina. Used instead of other terms such as fanny, kebab, minge and cunt which can be seen as an inappropriate way of describing the female form. The word is used mainly as an insult.
''Shut it you gyna''
''Did you get near her gyna?''
by Captainess Obvious November 17, 2007
A girls Vagina... also used as an insult.. meaning Stupid lil Bitch
Zachy is a lil Gyna 4 calling me gay.

Zachy has a Gyna instead of a penis.
by Eric/ Greg October 10, 2004
A girl named Gina that has a different personality with any amount of alcohol in her system. In her new persona, she is fun but is hit on by the occasional creeper at parties. She is also subject to making out with random gay guys.
Kaitlyn: Hey have you seen Gina?

Wendy: You mean Gyna? yeah she is already plastered. Making out with Jayden.
by AbsolutelyPissedOmega February 11, 2010
Short for gynaecologist. A term often used by kugels.
"Hey, doll, what did your gynae say about your infection?"
by Xaviana December 2, 2003
Look at those gynas kissing next too you.
by youknow07 January 24, 2010