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Gut nuts happen when an obese man pulls his pants over his enormous gut. This creates situation where the offender looks as if they have elephantiasis of the nuts. Gut nuts can be treated with proper diet.
Those blue polyester pants really accentuate big john gut nuts!
by Chris February 26, 2005
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the stomach orgasm; (unisex) upon eating some 'magic' food, ones' guts and taste buds begin to experience a 'transcendental' bliss, where one seemingly leaves the bonds of gravity (like in REAL sex!!)

-the eyes roll back and the mind 'orbits saturn', while many 'g' s of gravitational force are felt. after a second or two, one is back for "another taste" (like in REAL sex!!) (-serving as somewhat of a suicide deterrent!!)
haley had a gut nut while eating that godiva 'chaw' clit!!

the maine lobster swimming in butter gave mike a gut nut!

a gut nut was what joe was having from the sirloin-burger!!

celestina gut nutted from the walnut-tofu!
by michael foolsley June 11, 2011
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When a man's testicles are hit so hard they rise up into the stomach, creating a gut nut. Gut nut often occurs during a break up, after your girl catch you cheatin.
Guy no.1
"yo hummie, ya hear how Jackie kicked Jamel in the nuts after she caught him cheatin with her mum"

Guy no.2
"Yeah I heard she kicked him so hard she gave him a gut nut!"
by the real D! Ya dig?!? August 02, 2016
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