big john aka the fuck god . this man will fuck just about anything living he is the living breathing sex toy he consits of putting his jon dom on and spuffing in it then making you bite his pincher off whilst screamy spuff in my ars
i want to be a big john
by mr burr April 19, 2017
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A man's penis(a rather large one in particular).

(Antonym: slim jim)
Hey girl, wanna come here and suck my Big John?
by Mark H February 23, 2004
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one big s.o.b.
He's nice to his friends but don't piss him off.
Don't #$%@ with BIG JOHN...
by crizzle September 02, 2004
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A hefty mofo with ginormous biceps that gets pud from all the ladies.
That guy is such a Big John, he got ass from ever girl in Texas last night.
by Pipi Longstockings April 30, 2008
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Sen. John F. Kerry, American presidential candidate in 2004. Contrasted with his running-mate Sen. John Edwards Little John. (Kerry is taller than Edwards, and was running for the more important position.)
Did you get to see Big John and Theresa at the rally?
by Nenya Gabriel February 13, 2005
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A well-known knight in the shining army. He is well known for beating Jacob on strokes alone. He is also famous for being the first person to win a fixture team with a ranga in his team.
Did he really need a let?
Yes, he isn't called Big John for anything.
by "IT WAS A CLOSE GAME" October 28, 2019
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When your dad burst into your room and sticks his big muscular cock down your throat. making you choke on his sperm as you start moaning out loud, which makes your mom join in passing the cum back on forth through each other's mouths.
my family had a Big John moment last night, i think you should come next time to have some fun *wink wink*
by dolpindick November 07, 2017
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