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Occurring mostly with women, It's a phenomenon that occurs due to having a fat stomach and weak and flabby obliques muscles, often leading to a sagging appearance on the sides, but a upward bridging point under the navel, creating a "butt" appearance. Similar to a bumstache. The size of the gut butt varies based on the circumference of the individual.

It is not uncommon for those suffering from gut butt to have a stomach than their actual butt. Gut butt may be the result of an uncontrolled fupa, but it does not have to be in origin.
Man, have you seen Nancy lately? She's gotten fat, dawg! I mean, huge! Look at her fupa! She's gotten so big, she got gut butt!
by Kah-Kah Bum December 05, 2018
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Belly pooch, bloated gut, intestinal bloat, the bloaties, when your gut sticks out more than your butt does
My stomach is so bloated it is sticking out a mile, I have gut butt
by Chinacat 1967 August 30, 2006
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When someone has gained so much weight that when they laugh their stomach claps harder than their hands do.
"OK bro, your belly just blinked at're really gonna have to lose weight cause your Gut-Butt is getting out of control.
by The Penguin Gazette October 11, 2011
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