A person thrilled that someone has enough of a sense of humor to leave something like this on the Urban Dictionary just waiting to be discovered!
That English teacher is a gustin.
by English Teacher April 30, 2005
verb/gerund: like a gust of wind blow-jobbing your ear, gustin (gusting) is to squawk on and on; pontification
Justin: Julia can you get down here? Egg is gustin about her boyfriend's bicycling and ear infections again.
by The Familiy Jules May 12, 2011
A person with a long king kong size penis
by September 15, 2020
A mastermind of mysterium and opulence. Often claimed as a ghost, no one knows the real identity of Gustin. Often used as slang of the University of Central Missouri's Ellis residence hall.
"Did you hear the airhorn on the fourth floor of Ellis?" "Yeah it must've been Gustin!"
"All the whiteboards are covered with the name 'Gustin' and I'm super confused."
"Gustin is so based."
by gustinman123 August 31, 2022
A dorky and amazing actor, and singer he can put a smile on your face within seconds
Grant Gustin is truly an amazing guy he means the world to me.
by youraveragefangirl October 19, 2014
grant gustin should follow @emmisedits on instagram!!!!!
by rianisendgame March 3, 2019