that perfect movement when you use your pelvic area to thrust an item across the room. bonus points if the object hits a girl
Girl: Oh no! He mega thrust-gusted my phone at me!

Boy: Wow, perfect trajectory!
by anonymous pickleperson February 17, 2021
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Dis-Fucking-Gusting is used when the good 'ol standard disgusting just won't do in conveying your utter disgust.
Dude: Damn, Nick's burps are Dis-Fucking-Gusting!!!!
Trick: I concur.

Nick: Heather is Dis-Fucking-Gusting!!!!!
Matt: I rather enjoy her...
by RaiderRob December 20, 2010
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1. What happens just after you jerk off into a fan and just before cum splashes onto your roommate's face as he awakens to a beautiful day. 2. When, much like the leaves in "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas, John Smith's wolf-shaped cum carries on a gentle autumn breeze before navigating via heat-seeking sperm into Pocahontas' cumhole (be it her mouth, vagina, or anus, through which Brother Muskrat, seeking to escape Pocahontas' body, squeezed his body through until the anus began to close, keeping him from being able to get his tail out with its hair intact). 3. A shart.
"Some speculate that U2's 'Beautiful Day' is, in fact, about the time John Smith, traveling into the modern day via time warp, launched a damp gust into Bono's sharting anus."
-Rolling Stone Magazine
by The Phantom Menace November 1, 2007
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to be completely enamoured with something or someone. a fusion of "me gusta," in spanish, and; "that is super awesome," in english.
i super gust (soo-purr goost)my boyfriend, chef liam spence.

by audrey jones February 2, 2009
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A getto guest, or being somewhere so nice you feel very low class
"Dude this hotel so freaking nice I'm starting to feel like a gust"
by No,ū May 1, 2018
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Guste is a very sweet and beautiful girl, who always looks fantastic, her fit is always on top. She also has beautiful hair and always are noticed by people.
Look, it’s Guste, her fit is lit! 🔥
by Rareaesthetic November 21, 2021
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