“I wanna dick gust all over you right now”
Dick gust for me baby”
by Docta340 December 9, 2021
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A sex gust is a noise emitted while playing a particularly energetic sport, such as table football. The 'sex gust' itself is a noise which encompasses both a groan and a lengthy exhale, usually with a slight increase in pitch at the end, as if to hint towards the possibility of climax.
Seb de Latour loved a sex gust mid game.
by The Pollitt February 16, 2010
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The act of farting while recieving a rimjob
"yah shirly, last night he was giving me a rim job, and i had mexican, i just couldn't hold it in..."

"Hey sam, sorry again about giving you that philadelphia gust last night."
by Casey0456 April 18, 2007
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1) Laughing so hard at a semi-comical joke that your anus begins to ache.

2) Releasing of severe flatulence to the point where your rectum starts bleeding.
1) "I laughed so hard at Tom's stupid joke that my booty hurts from gusting a butt."

2) "Man, that chili grande did my ass dirty. I think I need to go home and put some Neosporin on my bootyhole cause I just gusted a butt."
by Dr. Nooch March 10, 2012
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He cheated on her three times and still wants to be with her just because of her money! Gust face!
by Likhakha December 26, 2019
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when the gluteus maximus expands in such a manner where your pants become undone, or the associated breakage of the lower garment fastening device due to ass expansion.
had to buy new pants today when i butt gusted the button into two pieces.
by gabmab October 22, 2013
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