1. A rage comic face used in response to something that is painful or awkward to experience but somehow simultaneously soothing or pleasant.

2. A rage comic face used in response to something that you enjoy which might be considered strange.

Often confused with the literal Spanish translation 'it pleases me'.
My face went into my girlfriend's armpit last night--me gusta.
by ChoiceMad August 29, 2011
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Actually, this means "pleases me" in spanish.
Me gusta la marijuana, means "The marijuana pleases me"
by Garendor March 2, 2006
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Me gusta: Meaning "to like" something. Love. Feel strongly.
by allistar July 14, 2004
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pretty much the spanish translation of "i like", made infamous by the sublime song "caress me down".
this phrase sounds cooler than "i like", so it is therefore acceptable to be used in everyday conversation, especially when complementing someone. spanglish is always a fun thing. =

warning: any overuse of this phrase will become annoying to your peers, so use with caution!
me gusta mi reggae, me gusta punk rock pero la cosa que me gusta mas es...

duude...me gusta your pants!
by vivelerockk07 April 8, 2008
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i really liked that
hey, do you like my new car?
yeah me gusta the car.
by moviechick17 June 21, 2003
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Spanish for 'I don't like this". Often heard from Spanish-speaking people during either approaching giant walls of water, fireballs, barrage of bullets, or INS agents. Also heard in 'Team America: World Police', and from white kids trying to sound cool.
John: Holy shit, the damn burst!
Emile: No me gusta!


Alex: Hey, did you find it funny when me and Jack replaced all your shampoo with bug feces, and then you put it in your hair?
Frank: No me gusta. (*clocks Alex in the face*)
by Comrade 47 April 30, 2008
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