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The word "gurd" is an acronym meaning "Gay Until Release Date." It is used to describe male men who are in prison/jail and perform homosexual acts to fulfill their sexual needs until they are realeased, where then they return to their heterosexual lifestyle of being with only women to fulfill these desires. These men insist they are not gay but only participate in such activities until they get out, where they go back to being straight.
Friend: "So when you were locked up the last 5 years...what did you do with all that time....and how did you get off?!? there werent any women other than manly women security guards and visits from your girlfriend once a month...even then thats not enough..."
Former Prisoner: "Jail is all about time - a lot of it - and finding ways to use it and make it go by quicker. sometimes i read, lifted weights, played basketball...and to get off, i was a gurd."
Friend: "....a gurd??"
Former Prisoner: "yeah...a gurd. 'gay until release date.' i was pretty much gay until i got out...with no women around, i had no choice. now that im out, im straight again."
by jackiejackieee April 20, 2008
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gurd to be good at something...having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified
"wow danny is gurd at football" "gurd news from the hospital"; "a gurd report card"
by Miles07 January 22, 2007
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Usually used to describe something that is large, big, or huge
"Wow, he has a gurd upper body"
"What a Gurd piece of cake Kerri has"
"Let's go for a Gurd feed"
by SandraLee September 09, 2007
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n. a greasy turd

a really stinky, greasy poop that most-likely will leave streaks in one's drawls.

Originates in Denver, Colorado
oh wow, just laid one heck of a gurd.
by MJD June 02, 2004
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The Australian way to discretely talk about drugs.
Friend 1: "Keen as for this party tonight, reckon we should get some gurds?"
Friend 2: "Oath we'll get gurds, let me call old mate right now."
by silvergoldsugar September 28, 2018
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