The sexual, generally performed at the beach, act of placing a potato chip (generally a french fry) inside your anus, stretching apart your cheeks, aiming above the horizon, and allowing hungry seagulls to wander inside.
Her: Do you want to try anything tonight hon?
Him: I reckon gulling sounds like a great idea.
Her: I've heard about that! Let's go to the beach and start right away!
by MemsMastr December 04, 2016
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Gulling (to 'gull')

When you make yourself laugh out loud. Sometimes on your own, sometimes with other people. You're often laughing louder/ more than the other person, since they may not be laughing at all.
I'm gulling so hard right now.

Ha! Made myself gull.
by YazzaGee91 September 18, 2018
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