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practised at dogging venues. The audience that is watching the participants 'dogging' in a vehicle masturbate, having achieved ejaculation collect thier result in hand and flick it on the 'doggers'
elliott wrote ' gulling is addictive, it ruined my life. I lost my job, my wife, my house, all thanks to becoming Gullman"
by Elliottp August 14, 2006
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Popular pastime involving a third or extra party or parties in a dogging scenario, where ejaculation is achieved onto the doggers' car window in the style of a passing gull.
"You're looking great, love, look how many gullers gulling we've got"
by DonnaHP August 05, 2007
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The practice of standing on the edge of a cliff/rubbish dump with a fish inserted into the anus to encourage gulls and other birds to swoop and retrieve the fish for food, thus pushing the participant over the threshold.
jamie needs a good gulling after beating me at poker last night. After that I'm going to tattoo 'Napalm Death' onto his neck.
by lil' Tilt February 17, 2005
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when you watch a couple having sex and your outside a window and then you ejaculate on the window so it looks like sea gull shit
i gave mindy and paul a good gulling on their window the other day
by funky monkey November 06, 2014
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Similar to going out on the "pull" or "pulling" somebody.
Going out on the "gull" or going "gulling" refers to somebody going out and picking up scraps, much like an actual seagull, of somebody's recently ended relationship or trying to sleep with somebody who is really broken, emotionally unstable and rather promiscuous.
Christopher: Broke up with Holly last week
William: Ah, man. That sucks. Watch out for Charlie though.
Christopher: Why?
William: He is definitely gonna be on the gull.
Christopher: Ah, yeah. He's been on a Gulling spree lately.
by JittyTiggle January 22, 2014
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The sexual, generally performed at the beach, act of placing a potato chip (generally a french fry) inside your anus, stretching apart your cheeks, aiming above the horizon, and allowing hungry seagulls to wander inside.
Her: Do you want to try anything tonight hon?
Him: I reckon gulling sounds like a great idea.
Her: I've heard about that! Let's go to the beach and start right away!
by MemsMastr December 04, 2016
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