Eeyore is a very cute donkey, best friend of Tigger. He usually loves attention ("Thanks for noticin' me...") and never gives up, no matter how many times the other jerks of Hundred Acre Woods knock it down!
Eeyore should so get more recognition for his brilliance.
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A person who perennially expects the worst; a pessimist; inspired by the woebegone donkey in children's classic Winnie the Pooh
He was an eeyore who seemed to live his life under a cloud of gloom.
by Sophie Cheney February 12, 2009
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a Priscila, someone who gets very sad and then indulges in Red Velvet Cake.
Put that Red Velvet Cake down and stop acting like Eeyore.
by derfishsquiggi September 29, 2011
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Eeyore is one of is not the most loved characters in the Winnie the Pooh series. He is lovely and sweet and is best friends with tigger who is bouncy and generally the opposite of eeyore but no matter their differences they are still best friends!
“Eeyore was happy to live out his days. Moping and grazing and grazing and moping. He had long believed that to be happy he mustn’t be concerned with others...until he met tigger
by Saucyboiiiii November 24, 2018
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To be very sad and depressed. To mope about and want people to feel sorry for you.
by bezel333 January 2, 2006
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literal translation from it's personality, an emo
"jacob, stop being an eeyore"
by john ladder September 1, 2007
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