A culture, language, and accent that derive from africa and the carribeans islands. originated in some early colonies (S.C.) where africans were brought to the new world through the middle passage. It formed through the need for salves to adapt to the english language and culture, but still keeping their traditions and custom of their homeland. Thus createing a dialect and accent that is still spoken today, but with current slangs called Geech. Gullah is an language that is uniquely and soley spoken in the pennisula of Charleston S.C. surrounding islands and districts (N.Charleston, Mt.Pleasant,Jame's Island etc.)
dat chile ain crack a teet fo speek.

That child passed by me and did not speak to me.

(derived from african language)
by tash January 14, 2004
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Yo that fool is gross, he eats his own gullah gullah.

by chanman11 March 22, 2009
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When a man holds his scrotem while flashing his balls. Name given because it looks like a turkey's dangly thing under the beak.
"While fooling around with the guys, one of them busted out with gullah-gullah."
by Yiya April 10, 2008
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One of the first children's television show featuring minorities; blacks, to be more specific, who lived on an island with a giant yellow frog.
person one: Gullah Gullah Island was one of the first tv shows featuring minorities.

person two: did you have to say it so loud?

person one: i didn't realize that we were still afraid to use the word minority in this day and age.
by tubtito November 20, 2008
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originated from the youtube video "Gullah gullah niggas"
it means clown, fool, wack as shit, trifling,crazy,bum but also nigga
"bumass gullah gullah nigga "

"that bum a gullah gullah nigga"

"yo this sum gullah gullah shit,

this nigga straight up gullah gullah

that gullah gullah is loafin like some shit
by tsanchez July 5, 2009
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To be easily convinced to believe something; gullible.
"Somebody tapped my phone and heard our whole conversation"
"Sweet Jesus, what are we going to do?!"
"Just kidding."
"Dammit I'm too gullah today"
by IMC- October 12, 2013
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The Gullah Geechee Family Also Known As Gulla Geeche Fanmi Or LIB Are An African American Gang Located In North Carolina
Gullah Geechee Family
by Ninedime February 16, 2022
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