someone from Charleston S.C.,who speaks a mixture of slang and gullah often confussed with a carribean accent.
I goin to da sto.
I am going to the store.

I'ain kno how dat ding happen righ dah.
I do not know what happened over there.
by tash January 14, 2004
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Geech is a slang term used by mostly ghetto high schoolers, geech means gay, you can either use geech or geechi
Juan: yo Tyler ass for real geech on my dead homies

Janet: omg sister that shirt is so geechi buy it for Derek
by MlgWow May 30, 2019
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Someone who is lame or something that is lame
Wow you're a fucking geech bro

That's some geech shit
by All facts September 15, 2017
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geech is uncle meryl's smell hound
"geech don gone to heavn mr. teewilliger!"
by the.all.mighty.cone August 28, 2003
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The fleshy,sensitive space between your sack and your asshole. Also called taint or gooch.
by Wyatt b quiet November 17, 2003
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Geech: (Noun, Adverb, Adjective) A dead hooker found in the trunk of a senators car; To be Geeched: to be a dead hooker in a senators car.

- "Stop being a geech"

- "Stop geeching it up"

- "Oh look at that geech" meaning, "loot at that dead hooker in the senators car"
by Michael Lee 85 December 5, 2007
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The area between a guys ball sack and asshole; taint
by Matt November 14, 2003
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