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While taking a bath, should a fart happen to come, you let it go. When the bubbles come up you open your mouth and make attempts to eat the bubbles. Congratulations, you're a guffer
by jeff April 04, 2005
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Someone who farts an abnormal amount, normally from excessive cheese eating. Also likely to be used towards a middle class girl from Hampshire.
Fucking hell Morris, that stinks. You’re an absolute guffer.
by Burnie Spoonie January 11, 2018
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Gypsys, Gypos, Pikeys.
Origin west midlands, England

Derived from Guff (a fart) cos they all smell as bad as a guff.
"What the foks that smell ?"
"It's the Guffers"
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003
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A person who is too dazzled by their environment to lead an intentional life. Portmanteau of 'gas' and 'huffer'.
I ventured through the midwestern united states and it was beautiful, though there were a many hickless guffers going nowhere. So sad.
by Jer Jungle February 11, 2018
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