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Perfect, amazing, rock hard abs, loved by everyone, funny, preppy, and smexy
"look at that guy over there jeff, he must be a greyson"
by Jorge Posada112434 September 03, 2011
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Perfection. Feckless, masculinity. Creative and intelligent in many forms. Handsome, sexy, and beautiful. Loves Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand, and David Bowie. Inspires to be a director some day. Not into conformity, fads, hypes, trends, and what everyone else likes. Still a kid at heart. Caring, mysterious, and different. A whiz at pop culture. Lovable. I mean, Everyone loves Greyson.
Person filling out crossword puzzle: Ok, here's 3 down, "A perfect, amazing human being, male." And it's 7 letters.

Person that is kinda helping because they are better with words: Ummm... Oh! Greyson! It's gotta be! That definitely only describes Greyson.
by Rylan&Melissa February 05, 2010
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He's a good friend until he get's annoyed. He is uauly the nicest person ever but later on into the relationship he turn into a dick! but ohwell, its hard to love him.. <3 & he's really cocky but he has a reason to be cocky with his rock hard abs (;
OMG, look at his abs! he looks like a greyson!
by Coolcat856756876 June 27, 2011
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nigga drinks fry water for a living or does anything for money has 3 chromosomes and is highly severely autistic
lmao give him 3 bucks and he will give u some suck for 1 hour damn is that greyson

haha at least i dont have 3 chromosomes
by xXpussyslayer420noscopeXx March 22, 2017
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a person, when first observed seems extremely nice and amazingly hot. Then, you get to know him and you begin an amazing relationship. After a month or two, he breaks your heart and decides that you're not worth a crap
person 1: look at Greyson!
person 2: yeah, hes a jerk
by SuperWoman018 February 15, 2010
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G- reat big douchebag
R- eally big douchebag
E- xceptionally big douchebag
Y- es. He is a douchebag
S- uper big douchebag
O- h, by the way hes a douchebag
N- ot a douchebag....jk hes a huuuuuugeeee douchebag.
Hey did you see that kid Greyson? Yeah he's a douchebag!!

Who's the biggest douchebag you know? Greyson of course.

Whats the definition of douchebag? Greyson
by Pabst Blue Ribbon. November 18, 2010
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