Perfect, amazing, rock hard abs, loved by everyone, funny, preppy, and smexy
"look at that guy over there jeff, he must be a greyson"
by Jorge Posada112434 September 4, 2011
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Perfection. Feckless, masculinity. Creative and intelligent in many forms. Handsome, sexy, and beautiful. Loves Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand, and David Bowie. Inspires to be a director some day. Not into conformity, fads, hypes, trends, and what everyone else likes. Still a kid at heart. Caring, mysterious, and different. A whiz at pop culture. Lovable. I mean, Everyone loves Greyson.
Person filling out crossword puzzle: Ok, here's 3 down, "A perfect, amazing human being, male." And it's 7 letters.

Person that is kinda helping because they are better with words: Ummm... Oh! Greyson! It's gotta be! That definitely only describes Greyson.
by Rylan&Melissa February 6, 2010
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3 defining characteristics
1. No bitches
2. Gay
3. Can't live without talking to his friends for more than a few hours
Micheal: Greyson is so smart and I wish he would kidnap me in my sleep
by MyNameNotGreysonTrust March 5, 2022
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A rare boy, with the ability to love with all his heart. He is sensitive, and he will give everything he has to the one he loves. He can be moody at times, and he doesn't like to open up unless he feels absolutely comfortable. He is usually very athletic, but can get frustrated easily. He is caring, loving, and is in tune with how others are feeling.

Greyson's usually like to help others, and sometimes Greyson's give more of themselves than they should. They are always good-looking. Greyson's usually find more luck than the average person. Sometimes they need someone to provide a little direction, and then they'll get on track. Mostly, Greyson's are excellent people to have around, as they are the perfect friend and an amazing lover. Greyson's are good in bed because of their rarity. A Greyson is genuine, loving, and is rare. So if you find one, don't let him go!
“Greyson has a heart of gold. We need more men like him in this world”
by Behappy November 21, 2021
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Hot sexy chicken wing guy he is the guy that eats the bone off your son without eating the meat
Dad “Is that a Cannibal eating our son
Mom “it’s probably a greyson
by Troyquin December 30, 2020
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A dyslexic fuck. (Fuck if given opportunity) btw might be a douchebag (see definition 5)
See that kid readingoh yeah, he’s a Greyson
by Ramyerg December 19, 2018
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