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translation by aussie aboriginals of the early european "government man ", hence shortened to gubba-min man ,then "gubba" .
"when's that gubba coming to fix up the roof?"
by antonr August 21, 2006
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aboriginal slang for a "white" person. mostly used as a supposed racist insult towards white people.
"hey there gubba, you gunna chip in for a flaggon den?"
by gubba October 01, 2004
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1) Small pocket of flesh or fat on a person's body. 2) Sound made while gently pinching someone's gubba, ie gubba-gubba.
I just couldn't resist the gubba under that baby's chin. I just had to pinch it!
by Rawbg October 25, 2002
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The word in Aboriginal English in south-east Australia for a white person. Dates back to colonial Sydney and Cockney convicts calling each other and soldiers "guv'ner". This became "gubba" because the "vna" sound did not occur in the local Sydney Aboriginal language. Gubba or "Gub" is gender neutral and by itself is not an offensive term. It may also be related to the wider Australian words "cobber" and "cob" meaning friend.
Hey, Gubba, have you got a light?
by klaatu69 October 18, 2017
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Woh gandu madarchod jisko gaand main lund lene ki aadat pad chuki ho aur jo isko profession bana le.
Rifat is a professional gubba. No one can challenge his purity as a gubba.
by gubbaofhonour May 12, 2004
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to be constantly second best at anything.
Andy was sure that this was his year to win the 100%. For the past 3 years he'd been runner up. He couldn't believe it, 3 metres to go and he was leading, then suddenly with just a few steps to go he was overtaken and pushed back into 2nd position. At that moment, Andy knew he'd always be gubba.

Andy had been nervous before his first pornographic performance. The first scene they shot was the bukkake scene, the directors thinking that if they've cum now, they'll last for longer when all of them kerplunk her. They all got undressed. The first bloke. Andy looked relieved, he was bigger than that bloke. Second bloke, again, Andy had no worries, maybe this was his shining moment. Andy got his member out, and was reasonably chuffed at it's size compared to the other two blokes. But then, in came the honkey with his footlong, and made Andy's look like a pathetic mansarino. God help her, he thought. He was gubba.
by listypoos November 10, 2004
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