Means to get your shit together or in other words don't lack
Bruh your ankles are ashy and you stank, fix up
by Robert Cunt October 23, 2018
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used to tell someone to improve their shit
person 1: i aint got that MC Pitman CD yet yer ner..
person 2: you need to fix up and get it, its a heavy CD
by Vinyl Scientist October 10, 2003
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For those not living in London this is basically a way of telling somebody to improve something of theirs, normally coupled with 'look sharp' after the song released by Dizzee Rasscal
Fix up, look sharp


Fix up your hair

etc etc
by Hugh Janus September 16, 2004
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Fix Up

"Fix{ed} {ing} up" is a phrase from Toronto, which has several general meanings including:

1. a particular instance of personally encountering, undergoing, or preparing for a pleasurable or enjoyable event/occurrence;

2. encouraging an ambivalent individual to participate in a particular action or behaviour that is expected to yield frivolous enjoyment or gratification
1. Jeff: Did you fuck with that chick last night?

Mike: Oh ya...I "fixed up"!

2. Stephen: I really don't want to go to Beerfest this year.

Sheldon: C'mon, fix up, its my birthday!
by Ratche July 8, 2011
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uk slang 4 'Get ur act togetha'
wat u playin at fool 'fix up look sharp'
by wigga July 30, 2004
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To fix something quickly and inexpensively and not to the best possible degree.
Sorry man, I only did a Black Guy Fix-up.
by LukeAndShet November 27, 2010
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Peter went to "get my stuff fixed up in Austin", had 1 shot to drink, and started hanging out with the "cowboys".
by Brokeback Hsu April 11, 2007
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