Aoki is the baddest bitch alive. Thats just on period. Aoki is probably a Leo, and is unapologetic about it too. She always has the best hair, nails, and face in any room she walks in. She hates fake bitches with fucked up lacefronts! And Chipotle. She is baby. She brings life to any room she walks in. Being the prettiest in the room, she can take your man. So shut that stretched asshole you call a mouth hoe! She's hot and rich and once met zac efron in a Whole Foods back in 2011! She does blow but only if there is a cute white guy around with more on his dads yacht! Her only job was given to her when her dads secretary needed a babysitter but was fired after 2 hours for letting little Jimmy try out her LV juul stick!
Person 1: DAMN! Who is the bad bitch with the skinny waist and pretty face?
Person 2: You are dumb as fucking shit you dumb bitch kill yourself you waste of oxygen waste of sperm fucking disappointment ass bitch! That's OBVIOUSLY Aoki!!!! <3
by HotBitchAoki March 18, 2019
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Aoki is the baddies and hotties bitch alive she don’t like being told what to do she is very nice but not the one to mess with aoki is a very outgoing person and love to have fun she is not with the talking but will shut anyone up she will act soft but will make your like miserable hell aoki is basically that bitch and that’s on period.
Aoki will turn your ass up side down like it’s nothing.
Who is that that just walked in the room that’s aoki duhhhhhh.
by January 9, 2021
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She is a model, the daughter of Rocky Aoki (Benihana restaurant owner) and some German woman
Devon Aoki is a model, just like Cindy Craford.
by Ashlenian December 17, 2004
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A Japanese American Club DJ, Record Producer, and founder of Dim Mak Records. Born November 30th, 1997. Aoki is a well known electro DJ around the Los Angeles area, also gaining fame pretty much all over the world. This guy turns clubs into a euphoric, rhymic, paradise. Check out his websites for tourdates and shows!

also known as: DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire

Partygirl #1: "Hey did you hear? Steve Aoki is going to DJ that club!"

Partygirl #2: "No way?! I hear celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Joel Madden attend his parties!"
by kimbov November 24, 2008
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One of the best characters in DFW. Truly underated. She is the CEO of Bakery thoughts™
person A: hey who was that one chick who always baked in DFW?
person B: Mari Aoki
by EmergencyfoodChia April 5, 2021
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Scoring cocaine or other illicit stimulants in Las Vegas, especially in Dirty Vegas.
John's gonna meet Steve Aoki in the bathrooms at the Golden Nugget and then head over to Binion's for a Blackjack all-night binge session.
by bubezleeb July 22, 2015
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