Gtg-Bola is a deadly disease mutated from Robloxia to many other games too.
The symptoms are simple;

Leaving the game to do something/ go somewhere.

Gamers wish not to have this deadly virus, but it passes through person by person untl everyone has left the game because of sudden business.
Mothers/ Fathers are immune, yet spread it to their young when the young are playing a game of something by telling them : 'We have to go to _____' or 'Come here to help us with ____'

The disease can't be cured, but the infected will rapidly heal by the next da, yet they may get Gtg-Bola to suddenly strike again.

-Until next time, oof
Gamer: This is a cool game lolololololol xD camper nub
Parent : We gotta do stuff and u ain't got a say in it
Gamer: omg this is so sad, despacito play Amazon Alexa. Wait *checks game* *typing*

Typing : Sorry guys I have Gtg-Bola oof bye
Responses: ;-; oof, comrade
by generic.person[oofergang memb] February 7, 2019
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A contagious disease, made in Warrior Cats : Ultimate Edition. It forces people to leave during their fantastic roleplays. After one is infected, more tend to poof into the air, their spirit remaining in Starclan.
"Darn it, I have GTG bola." Romanstar groaned.
by ShellyLikesToGame August 17, 2021
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A term normally used on the website Roblox, used when someone is in the middle of a role-play and they have to leave, saying they've died of "gtg ebola" or "gtg bola".
by FallenComet August 4, 2018
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david-speak for 'i have to go play halo' and/or 'i'm sick of listening to you talk to panic at the disco so stfu'
christina: "omg bden is like a prodigy"
david: "gtg study"
by bdenisagod January 30, 2008
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"got to go, but will be back"
In between brb and gtg, for when gtg implies you'll be gone for too long, and brb implies you'll be back in too short of a time.
by Durpington November 23, 2015
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