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The socially acceptable way to stop talking to someone that your tired of talking to. Originally is meant "got to go", but 95% of the time it is used nowadays it simply means i want to stop talking to you.
"Do you want to here about my english paper" Joel
"Ah sorry gtg" Me
by PotomacThug March 3, 2012
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to gob the goop
as in a 100% blow job
by indianbullet September 8, 2010
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Get-together. A meeting of two persons or of an internet social group.
Do you want to gtg?
When is the next WoW gtg?
by Anonimity April 11, 2008
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wen lil fuck boys get @ u and u gotz 2 go
"lol gtg bye y'all"
by Ashleym1212 October 6, 2015
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slang way to say 'got to go' or another way to say is your boring and I hate yo so I'm going to say gtg to free my self from you
This is how a dick head would do it :

bitch: ...

Anna:baiiiiiii *cries inside*
Bitch :...:

This a how a 'true' friend would do it :
lily:nm wbu?
Anna:nm lol

Anna: my dads calling me for dinner gtg baiii

Lily: baii xx
Anna:talk toyou later k? xx
Lily:k xxx

by someonexoxo October 2, 2017
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Slang for the internet acronym "Got To Go." Is also sometimes phrased as "G2G". Used as a goodbye message or simply saying that the player has to get off their computer.
James - "Up for another match?"
Bob - "Nah, sorry mate, GTG."
by Hipstacat May 16, 2013
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It means, Got to go. In chat rooms, sometimes if you have to leave you have to say,"Gtg!".
She typed,"Oh, I gtg. My mom is taking me to a party! Bye!"
by TheFlyingRoborovski July 19, 2011
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