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most people know that gtg means "got to go" or "good to go", but not many people know that gtg can also mean "gay to gay". You use this last definition when someone is engaging in gay sexual behavior.
gay friend 1: hey do u wanna do gtg with me tonight?
gay friend 2: of course!
by bigsucc69pp November 8, 2018
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A quick way of expressing "got to go". Commonly used in IM exchanges.
fireg@l23:so anyway, i sucked that dick over and over

sandy54:then what happened?

by gtg October 17, 2004
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GTG IS GOTTA GO its a word saying i need to go bye !
Gtg will chat later. , gtg home moms calling me every second sorry!
by aditchotu October 21, 2013
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A nicer way to say, "I hate you, get out of my life, don't talk to me, you're annoying."
Noob: "H1 wanna b3 fr3nds?"
Me: "Uhhh. gtg."
by GTG ;-; January 3, 2017
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