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I needs a new pair of gruds, that's my pile of dirty gruds
by melt July 09, 2003
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(gr-oo-d) or (grew-d)
person who has good smelling underwear/
good smelling underwear
"can i use ur best grud?"

"nah bro i only have gruds left in my closet."

by nep and ell July 27, 2018
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Pronounced (gr-oo-d)
Used to describe something or someone vile, inhumane and absolutely disgusting.
Synonym for the word Custy.
"yo that bitch is fucking grud..."
"east l.a is so grud"
by dunltd September 24, 2007
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1)abhorrent/distasteful conversation held about someone, behind that certain persons back.
"Oi sorry but i have to grud this guy, he gives me the shits!!"

Often 'grudding' people results in their self respect being reevesed.
by True Blitstar July 18, 2005
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Large hairy wilderbeast found dwelling in the Savanna's of Lithuania. These easily scared mammels are adapt at absolutly nothing.
The Grud are massing
by -anon June 08, 2005
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