"Grow the beard" is an antonym of "jump the shark." In other words, it's when a show that starts off in Suck Town hits its stride. The term comes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which started off terrible but began to get better when Commander Riker grew a beard at the beginning of season two.
"Man, the first season or two of The Simpsons blew, but after that the show started to grow the beard."
by Walter Wiese April 13, 2006
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to perform oral sex upon a female (assuming one is male)
"man, im going home to grow a beard"

"last night I grew the biggest beard"
by Squatdog December 5, 2003
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to show solidarity; to support a movement, protest or strike.
David Letterman and Conan O’Brien decided to grow a beard in solidarity of the writer's strike.

"You didn't support Paris during her jail stint, you failed to Grow a Beard."
by Cranalan January 5, 2008
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When a TV show get's better over time, as opposed to "Jumping the Shark," when a show gets worse over time.

Refers to Jonathan Frakes character, William Riker, growing a beard after season one, when the show improved dramatically
-"While "Heroes" Jumped The Shark after season one, "Lost's second season improved, growing the beard more after each season.
by Ufotofu9 June 3, 2014
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This is a comical way of telling someone that they are unattractive and need maximum facial coverage.
by I, Wreckerrr November 7, 2016
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When a guy says this he means let me eat your pussy
Example : “Yo ma you should help me grow my beard you know?” “Aight bet pull up then baby”
by August 29, 2021
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This is a process we’re you let a boy eat your coochie
Are you trying to help me grow a beard
by September 12, 2021
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