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A Poo that reaches from your bottom to the water without breaking.
I drank a few pint's of Guiness last night which gave me the longest grogan ever this morning.
by el dav July 18, 2004
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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1. A partially-ejected clump of feces. Half a loaf.
2. An ejected clump of feces that is not heavy enough to drop off your dingleberry forest.
Once a grogan drops off your arse by whatever means, (rocking, banging against the seat, coaxing with paper or your fingers) it becomes a turd. If you let the grogan remain, it becomes a massive dingleberry, once it dries. Grogans are moist; dingleberries are dry. (See dingleberry)
by Grow - gun September 14, 2003
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A grogan is a long poo, which is inside ones anus whilst also touching the water of the toilet.
Jimmy- "Dude today I took the longest shit."
Joey- "Was it a grogan?"
Jimmy- "Bloody oath it was!"
by Flynn0s January 27, 2016
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Slang for feces. The infinitive verb form associated should always be "To Pinch."
Jolly Drake shouted from the can that he was about to pinch a grogan. The boys in the living room laughed.
by bialystuffer November 19, 2004
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it when u take a shit and it hits the water before it snaps off
oi i did the sickest grogan yesterday
by anonymous November 05, 2003
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