A local mascot seen at Philadelphia sports events.
Greenman is dressed completely in green spandex.
by Bo-Tao Chen November 2, 2008
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when your low on the greens and your in need of some haze, you call your "greenman" which in simple form is your pot dealer.
Glenn: Bro, wtf are you doing?
Mark: I'm going to call my greenman and smoke a fat blunt.
by tamm!e August 3, 2006
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completely loved-up with your girlfriend
I am totally greenmanned - Cathy B you are the one for me. Lets have babies, but don't tell Starmers, coz he is such a legend and player and I want to be like him.
by manuel hung October 3, 2003
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An exotic dancer at gay clubs and bars
ambiguously green and in a body suite, greenman entertained the crowd
by jj85745 October 29, 2009
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When a male human has sex with a male animal, then felches Felching his own deposit out using a crazy straw.
My neighbor gave my dog Jeff a felching greenman and porr jeff hasn't been able to walk since.
by W. Stallworth April 6, 2004
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When Sama Won’t Stop Greening The Virus Activates (So Run Defense) RUN‼️
GreenMan Virus
by BLACKATOSAMA ON YT October 3, 2020
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