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To smoke the first hit of fresh weed, therefore getting more THC into your system, and taking away the green hue of the weed.
Man pass me the bowl this time, you've been greening them all!
by ScotPollard13 December 23, 2005
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1. (n.) Slang term for a person studying building or a surveying degree at any English university. Instantly recognisable by the stylish clothes, swanky demeanour and generally radiating an air of unfathomable coolness.

Generally unable to settle for scoring once per evening so must hunt for a second conquest as soon as the first has been ravaged.

Mostly good dress sense with occasional potential to sport a ridiculous haircut. Horrific taste in music.

2. (n.) A mysteriously enticing dance move in which the dancer points two fingers in the shape of a gun and proceeds to point them alternately at the ceiling with occasional pauses and disbelieving facial expressions.

3. (adj.) Believing oneself to be God's gift to men and women.
1. GUY - Did you just see that lad walk past with the bad hair listening to sexy chick by akon for the millionth time? TOTAL Greening

2. GIRL - WTF is that guy doing? ooh he's doing the greening

3. GUY - Oh here he comes givin it the greening, prick.
by realestateninja May 19, 2010
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the act of acting like a pussy and not being able to handle your weed. some one that is greening out normaly has a pale green face n looks like there about to throw up, and most porbably will throw up becasue they are a pussy and cant handle a lil bit of green
"hey croft is greening out"

"man that guy is such a fat dick head, he always greens"
by john jacob February 14, 2006
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Smoking marijuana, enjoying things that are "green".
Bill: "What are you doing this afternoon?" Jeff: "Going over to Meghan's, we are planning on greening and watching cartoons "
by rnnrdad March 27, 2017
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(v) It is the act of a whipped boyfriend to sell his dignity by making a strange face in bathroom and taking a selfie of it.
Ungar- Hey did you hear what zach did?
Martin- No what happened?
Ungar- He was greening yesterday
MArtin- No way! He's such a fag and his girlfriend is a whore
by cashmoneyflowbitchesweed November 25, 2013
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