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A marijuana smoking device that has been used so much that it is filled with marijauna residue called resin. Can get someone high without any marijuana.
Don't you have a back-up green bowl?
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
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A green bowl is a bowl of marijuana that has no tobacco in it, just pure marijuana green. Many people like to mix tobacco with their marijuana, and others do not. People who prefer to smoke marijuana by itself usually refer to them as green bowls so people don't accidentally give them popper's. A popper is a bowl of marijuana and tobacco mixed. Green bowl's usually give a nice clean marijuana high, while a popper gives a nasty high that gives a huge head rush, kills your throat and makes you dizzy. Of course everyone has a right to their own opinion since many enjoy popper's but I personally prefer a nice green bowl.
Example 1:

Popper Smoker: You want a hit?
Green Bowl Smoker: Is that a popper or a green bowl?
Popper Smoker: It's a popper.
Green Bowl Smoker: No thanks, I only smoke green bowl's.
Popper Smoker: Why not?
Green Bowl Smoker: Poppers kill my throat and make me too dizzy, although the head rush is nice. But not worth it.
Popper Smoker: More for me!

Example 2:

Green Bowl Smoker: Yo dude do you have any weed I can smoke? I'm all out.
Popper Smoker: Yeah sure, open my weed case its all in there grinded up.
Green Bowl Smoker: Alright thanks man. -opens case- Wait you already grinded this stuff up with tobacco!
Popper Smoker: Is that a problem?
Green Bowl Smoker: You know I don't smoke popper's man! Now I got no weed to smoke!
Popper Smoker: That ain't my problem, just man up and smoke it!
Green Bowl Smoker: Fine. -takes hit and starts coughing like crazy and gets fucked up-
Popper Smoker: -chuckles- Ahahahaha!
by The Truthinator February 05, 2014
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when one partakes in the initial lighting of a bowl of marijuana
I bought this sack bigot... I get green bowl.
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
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