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A really shitty school were nothing ever goes on on Friday nights and we get pissed so we drive 2.5 hours to BG where one of my friends gets an underage for peeing behind a building!! And that's all because of Kent State!
by D$ December 04, 2004
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Money Over Bitchez, meaning no bitch will come before the cheese, too tru.

Originating from the Latin term Bitchesnous lessem than Moneynous
No damn example just tru
by D$ September 27, 2003
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The act of when a male breaks a rib to give himself oral pleasure
My girlfriend dumped me last night and today i really need one of her bj's. I was so desperate i gave myself a nockchocka just to be staisfied. My ribs hurt like a bitch now.
by D$ March 28, 2005
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1. A chick thats such a slut she will give sex in any situation, sober or not, to any guy
GUY 1: Dude! That chick is a skank!
GUY 2: Your wrong there buddy, shes worse, shes a morneault.
by D$ March 25, 2005
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(n) Short form of "crucial," refers to anything that is particularly noteworthy or commendable; an object of high appeal
"I might disagree with the man on many counts, but you have to admit that Escalade is crooshin'"

"Dawg, quit hatin' on Republicans: tax cuts are so croosh, yo"
by D$ March 09, 2005
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1. When your doin a chick in the butt and she farts and some shit comes out with the fart and gets all over your dick.
1. Man, me and geena try somethin new last night but it was bad because she fucking gave me a fartfanugen
by D$ March 23, 2005
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A smooth playa who keeps it real
It's time for you to stop getting played. It's time to Dee-Up.
by D$ December 31, 2004
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