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Town in Colorado. Curiously, or coincidentally, the town smells like cow shit, as do most inhabitants due to either gay sex or crystal meth addiction.

According to the only hetero non-addict to ever come from Greeley, the only two decent things about this place are:
1 - Ice Skating Rink (Now a drug peddaling location)
2 - Lots of Cow Shit = Lots of Magic Mushrooms

So, in essence, when one stops to think of Greeley, all that need be thought is the act of one man sucking another man's penis while getting fucked in the ass for a ten dollar bag of meth. (Such occurances in the public are common)
Jim - "Duuuuude, last weekend I got a ten sack of meth for letting some dude poke me in the pooper!"

Dan - "Oh yeah, you went to Greeley, right?"

Jim - "Yeah, how'd you know?"
by Urifucabes November 11, 2007
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a nice town with a lot of mexicans on the east side and big houses on the west side; 2 well known gangs surenos and nortenos

high schools:
greeley central emo
greeley west-preppy
john: have you been to greeley
dale: yeah it was a nice town from what i saw
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You are Greeley if you love retro movies, eat sweetish fish, play xbox, like to chill, listen to Greeley estates( must also be your favorite band ) , as well as have an amazing smile and can get any girl you want, and finally you must live the high life of Mac Miller
Jake is Greeley for being a bum
by Jake Greeley January 06, 2012
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An extremely bad ass person. One that listens to hard rock music and loves to jump into a mosh pit.
"Man, you are fucking Greeley!"
"Yea, They call me Garth 'Greeley' Smith"
by Estatess June 01, 2009
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