mexican white, those that still look spanish decent, non oriental eyes. Must have head height twice as long as head width, round eyes, thin lips with a caucasian body structure, typically.If any light complexion mexican has a sibling that is Indian or heavy brown pigmentation, chances are that you are not considered white and may even consider mexican white to have a different view and ethnicity than a light skin mexican.
Mexican whites are in the same race as those of the southern europeans and in the same race name, "caucasian" as those of the rest of the european region, from scandanavia to Armenia and to North Africa.
by willi3 September 27, 2006
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Mexican Whites: those people whom are not mixed with Indian or do not show to much Mexican Indian mix. Usually still white if they have non-oriental eyes, non-stocky body structure and usually not short in height, those who do are usually referred to as a light skin hispanic or light skin Mexican. Mexican whites are in the same race name as those of the rest of the european region, even though variation may exist.

(1)Is he Mexican? well it to hard to tell, since he doesn't show to much sign of Indian mix.
(2)Ya, you can tell he's mexican because he shows sign of Indian,that other guy you can't tell, he's just a white guy or just a mexican white.
by san Juan 21 May 3, 2007
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When you Cum under a girls nose but obove her lip like a mustache.
Last night I gave you the thickest Mexican White Wash Ever!
by weirdapple April 29, 2019
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A White Mexican is a Mexican of Predominantly European Descent. Most of their ancestors arrived during the colonial period but a further hundreds of thousands have since then immigrated. The largest European contributor in Mexico are the Spanish, followed by the French and then German/Italians/Greeks/Russians/Polish etc. It is estimated by some sources that 20% of Mexico's population is White.
Guy; Are you Italian?
Girl; No, im Mexican!
Guy; WOW, really?
Girl; Yes!
Guy; I though you were White!
Girl; I am, I am a White Mexican!!!
by Koloffon October 12, 2011
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All these definitions are ignorant. A White Mexican is a Mexican citizen of predominantly European descent. There are White people all over the Americas and not just in the USA.
White Mexican - Santiago Creel, Vicente Fox, Guillermo del Toro, etc.
by Sky High@1 June 21, 2010
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A light skinned Mexican with yellow or pink undertones and dominant European features. Might have one semi mixed parent, but the other parent is a pure white Mexican, Criollo or Spanish. A white Mexican is also known as a Castizo Mexican, who resembles a pure white European, and might have very little, hidden Indian mix. White Mexicans are lighter than Mestizos and have long narrow heads, smaller facial features and have sharp noses. White Mexicans might have lighter eyes, but not always.

White Mexican women can usually get away with light colored hair, because it compliments their European features.

Most Mexican nationals prefer White Mexicans because there is a underlying racist attitude towards dark Mestizo and Indian people within the Mexican nation.
mexican girl: My cousin dyed her hair a really light brown/blonde
mexican girl #2: but it looks good, you can't tell its not her real color
mexican girl: yeah, she is a White Mexican, and looks like a European anyway.
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 28, 2013
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Spanish Decent,Plain race, No heavy characteristics. Generally brown eyes brown hair milk white complexions to light a thin brown. NON-ORIENTAL EYS,Head hieght twice as long as head width, or also called a full Head, unlike asian whose head hieght is 1.5 to 2 of head width, caucasian is at least head head 2 time larger than head width symmetrical. Blonde are also white even though originally unmix have yellow skin, blue eye, yellow hair, may also have freckles, but anyone other race that has these feature doesn't make you a blonde person, so blondes are called white for simplicity sake as well, THIS IS THE WHITE RACE
White mexican include and european decent If caucasian has oriental eyes they are not really seen as white. If your parents are " brown" or your sibling, chances are your not considered white, have may even consider a white mexican as different ethnicity as you.
by asone2 October 10, 2006
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