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Town in Colorado. Curiously, or coincidentally, the town smells like cow shit, as do most inhabitants due to either gay sex or crystal meth addiction.

According to the only hetero non-addict to ever come from Greeley, the only two decent things about this place are:
1 - Ice Skating Rink (Now a drug peddaling location)
2 - Lots of Cow Shit = Lots of Magic Mushrooms

So, in essence, when one stops to think of Greeley, all that need be thought is the act of one man sucking another man's penis while getting fucked in the ass for a ten dollar bag of meth. (Such occurances in the public are common)
Jim - "Duuuuude, last weekend I got a ten sack of meth for letting some dude poke me in the pooper!"

Dan - "Oh yeah, you went to Greeley, right?"

Jim - "Yeah, how'd you know?"
by Urifucabes November 11, 2007
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1. A Plumpkin is a variety of Katebear that is pretty cool. You can find her in places like hair salons, parks, and thrift stores. Beware though, if you would like to capture a Plumpkin you must be quite cautious, for they are very timid, and may run at the slightest sign of affection.

2. A girl who is very good on top in bed.

3. A girl who has a perfect pumpkin shaped ass.
1. So I was walking home today and I saw a Plumpkin in the park. I walked up real slow and held out a cupcake, and she ate it out of my hand!!! How cute!

2. Damn, the bitch a Plumpkin.

3. Oh shit son, that Kate girl got that Plumpkin shit goin on...
by Urifucabes October 27, 2011
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