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Acronym for DRessed As a Girl. Commonly used by Transgendered persons to describe a state of overall appearence and attire.
antonym: DRAB
Before going out, I got DRAG in my new leather mini and and boots.
by Siobhan January 18, 2004

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related to the definition of skinhead, it is a female who enters the skinhead scene for the purpose of sleeping around, hence the name "oi toy".
She is such an oi toy, she just wants skinhead cock.
by Siobhan April 05, 2004

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also known as greebo. York version of mosher. Listens to 'hard-core' music, dresses in baggy jeans etc.
Whoa check out that greeb over there!
by Siobhan April 09, 2004

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Acronym: DRessed As a Boy. Used by Transgendered persons to describe an overall state of appearence and attire.
I had to go DRAB to the job interview, but I wore a lacy bra and panties underneath!
by Siobhan January 18, 2004

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Sexy beast of a guitarist for AFI(A Fire Inside)
He is da playah!
by Siobhan October 11, 2003

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Along the lines of "holy shit", "sweet jesus" and "oh my gosh".
Person 1: Check this! I got Phish tickets!

by siobhan June 08, 2004

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also a referal to the word seen, but bean is refering to your friend
Friend1: You going out tonite?
Friend2: Yea man
Friend1: Seen bean
by siobhan April 13, 2005

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