1.to be in agreement with Sean Hannity
2.caller on the Sean Hannity show.
3.a mocking term of right wing fanatics.
After the caller of the hannity show was done speaking Sean replied,"thank you for a great american."
by dave anderson October 31, 2004
A bowl that is packed with tobacco at the bottom, weed in the middle, and kief at the top.
Person 1:"I just snapped a Great American and I can't feel my face right now"
Person 2:"At least you're not yacking like Martín over there"
by Chiefsosa33 November 18, 2017
The place to get the best tasting cookies in the country, including Original Chocolate Chip, M&M, Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Double Fudge, Pecan Supreme, and many more. They also sell brownies, cookie cakes and cookie cake slices, Double Doozies, and some locations sell cupcakes and Icees. They are way better than their competitors Nestle. At one time owned by Mrs. Fields and now owned by NexCen, Great American Cookies became an instant retail phenomenon in 1977 when the first store opened in Atlanta, Georgia’s Perimeter Mall. Founded on the strength of a generations-old family chocolate chip cookie recipe, the company eventually set the standard for gourmet cookie sales in shopping centers nationwide. Their mission statement is simply: "Share the Fun of Cookies."
Kid at the Altamonte mall: "Yo I only got a couple bucks and I'm hungry..."
Friend: "Let's go get cookies from Great American Cookies. They're pretty cheap and they taste great."
by Jace555 May 2, 2009
A tournament which includes teams of 3, a 30 case of beer, an 1/8 of weed, a large pizza, and a 500 piece puzzle. First team to finish all 4 wins!

It is important that all supplies are from the same place
i.e pizza from the same hut
weed from the same dealer
same brand of beer
same puzzle
otherwise others might have an unfair advantage.

All team members must start attempting to finish all obstacles at the same time. For instance, you cannot finish the puzzle then start drinking. Or have one team member focus on smoking and another on eating.

Have fun!!
I'm competeting in the Great American Race tonight. If I die, tell my mother I love her.
by magatron February 9, 2009
When a group consisting of four people attempt to consume 2 large pizzas, a thirty pack of beer, a 5th of hard alcohol, and an 1/8th of marijuana.
Dude! The Great American Challenge got us so fucked up last night!
by Faukin Billy Fauk October 17, 2010
A Competition, often held at the end of college finals week, in which teams of four attempt to first consume a 30 pack of beer, then an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, then two large pizzas, and then finish a 100 piece puzzle.

Penalties, usually time, are imposed for spilling beer or vomiting.

Variations on the rules exist:
The beer can be a 36 pack instead of a 30.
The amount of marijuana is sometimes reduced to 2 grams.
The puzzle is sometimes more pieces, depending on how long the participants want the competition to last.
Also, some competitions change the order of events to account for the Beer before bong rule (that's just wrong).

Another variation exists wherein the teams begin in the morning, can drink, smoke, and eat simultaneously, and then once everything has been consumed, may move on to a 1,000 piece puzzle. The teams have until midnight (or in some cases, sunrise of the next day) to complete the challenge. In this variation, the challenge is more geared toward "getting it done" than racing and can be performed by a single team of four if desired.
"Hey man, do you want to take the Great American Challenge?"
"The dildo?"
"No, the other one."
"Fuck yeah!"
by TFK! January 27, 2009
The largest dildo known to mankind. It averages approx. 14 inches long and is from 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches around.
Did you hear about Debbie?

No what happened?

She was killed after using The Great American Challenge.
by Zompie July 9, 2009