Soaking is when the penis enters the vagina, but once it has entered, it remains stationary, much like a tampon. This is a loophole used by individuals trying to maintain their virginity, but still looking to get sexual pleasure. Soaking is popular with religious students where pre-marital sex is against the code of conduct.
My girl is one of those religious bitches, all she will let me do is soak.
by PathfinderMain January 9, 2020
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Used in popular MOBA's as a verb. To gather or farm experience points in order to progress your team objectives and win the game.
Quit dying, you're there to soak xp.
by TheSloth#1666 December 30, 2014
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A person who is very inebriated and may act like a dooch or a bull-dyke. The creative aspect of the word is that it allows you to modify it depending on the severity of drunkness.
Dammmnnn, that bitch is soaked

Yo dude! You are soaking wet, you need a towel.

Freakin sponge dripping all over the place.(Used for excessive hammered-ness)

Wow! What a soak!

That doosch is a wash cloth

Vrooom! Vroooom
by Sires St December 21, 2009
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To soak something is to take hits, usually physical, and keep going
Damn I can’t believe Julian Edelman soaked that hot from Kam Chacellor I’m the Super Bowl
by datdenny November 26, 2017
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When the penis is put in the vagina but there is no pumping or thrusting, so it seems less like sex. Preferred form of premarital sex for mormons.
She didn't wanna have sex but she let me soak for 20 minutes.
by blamo212299 May 27, 2010
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Like "planking" only your dick is inside of a Mormon.
Convince your Mormon GF that you are not "soaking" properly and need to continue to adjust the angle.
by Jackie O face July 14, 2011
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The art of having sex, without thrusting. When a couple "sticks it in" and then leaves it there to "soak." This has become a common phenomenon with certain groups of Christians(predominately Mormons) who try to circumvent the law of chastity, which in fact does not work.
boy: hey you wanna go soak in my parents hot tub tonight, they're out of town?

girl: let's just soak on their California King instead.

boy: oh i didn't know you were into the real soaking, deal.
by Jerr Bear March 22, 2010
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