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1) Flightless hunted (game) animals.
2) The portion of a political campaign that focuses on grassroots activity: various forms of canvassing and the "get out the vote" movement on election day. The ground game complements the "air game," which consists of TV and radio advertisements and free media coverage.
Obama is banking on a strong ground game helping him win the 2008 presidential election.
by skepsci October 22, 2008
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(ground gām) A euphemism derived from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) patois. Ground game is metaphorical, in the sense that it implies one's fundamental principles. The ground game is where MMA fighters go to recover from extended cinch or stand-up fighting, or if their ground game is strong, they tend to drive fights directly to the ground. There is incredible reliance on correct positions and strength, hence "ground game" as slang implies one's position when working at the most tactical, brutalistic level.
"Barack Obama seems so fresh and buoyant."
"Yeah, but his ground game reveals serious flaws in his politics of hope and change."
by lines.of.epic.flux August 27, 2008
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