One who is constantly and persistently making comments referential to internet memes.
"My friend Arnav is so memey. He's always randomly making stupid meme jokes."
by TheRealGuy,TheBestGuy March 11, 2016
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“i watch memey content
by Freoko December 7, 2018
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Jimothy: Hey, look! It's dat boi!!
Chanthony: Dude you're so memey. stahp
by Jeff McRhehehsb August 2, 2017
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An adjective used to describe something that is behaving in a meme-like manner.
by 679b July 22, 2023
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When the taste of hot flowing dank surges through your body
I am expiriencing a creamy memey right now
by Totallydankmemes November 7, 2015
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