1. the act of wrestling or chasing another person with the intention to squeeze that person's butt
2. to insult someone who is slacking off or wasting your time by inferring that they were grabbing each other's asses
1. Yesterday I caught my younger brother and his friends playing grab ass.
2. When my boss caught me and a co-worker smoking outside, my boss told us to stop playing grab ass.
by toast455 July 6, 2005
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A game typically played in large crowds in which you grab random guys' asses and nonchalantly keep walking/doing whatever you were doing. Give your friends a heads up so they can laugh & give you a report. Causes confusion & is hilar when done right.

If confronted: deny it with repulsed look on your face.
Nicole: Dude it's 2:25, the bars are about to let out. We should play a round of grab ass.
Kaitlyn: Hell yeah, look at that one, it's just asking to be grabbed.
(Everyone exits; most likely drunk)
Megan: (Grabs a hand full of ass)
Random Guy: WOAHHH, what the...? (snaps head around, confused, possibly thinking it was the person behind him)

by grbdatass July 3, 2011
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a game in which you run around like a fucking retard
by Jog DMC December 8, 2003
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Horse play.Esp. with an object that belongs to someone else.A.k.a.-keep away.
They played grab ass with that boys glasses.
by coolhanddflexx September 15, 2008
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the two robs in my german class are always playing grab ass. see also fagg, rump ranger, ass jockey
by cooter April 25, 2003
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pleasureable sport where one attempts to grasp hold of as many rear ends as possible whilst running around a marked space.

usually favoured by a homosexual audience due to the gender seperations involved in the sport.
"im pooped, that sure was a good game of grab ass."
by Rob Nash April 5, 2004
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