(Originates from south england)
When something amazing happens, you lean back 45 degrees and then shout 'WOAHHH' in a dry voice
Eagle: Hey did you hear?
Rabbit: What?
Eagle: Afrogator just won the basketball seaonal final
Rabbit: *leans back* WOAHHH
by Cocaineweeaboo December 3, 2008
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when someone says something that they did which is illegal and you say a sarcastic woah cause you really could give a less shit about that
John: I ditched school today and popped 10 mollys
Me: Woahhhh youre cool (idgaf)
by geazysbae December 8, 2015
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when some one says to slow down or re think a statement followed by the circular hand movement
hey dad i am into dudes, "UH woahhh "
by jake skatskat April 30, 2019
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