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A.) A gozzer is a girl who likes to look at or find hot/fit/good looking boys, such as at the mall or at school.
B.) A clean exclamation, meaning "crud", "darn", or "god".
Boy 1: "Why does that chick keep looking at me?"
Boy 2: "Oh, she's a gozzer, she must think you're hot."
Boy 1: "Sweet!"

B.) After saying something embarassing, you would think "OH MY GOZZER!!" to yourself.
by GozzerGoddess August 10, 2006
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A "gozzer" is one who experiences moments of pure blankness whilst trying to carry out an action. ultimatley failing and then falling into the category of "Gozzer" or they have "Gozzed out"

associated words

Goz monkey
Wizard of Goz
Gozzer examples.

Kelly start talking to someone about the weather half way through she forgets what they were talking about - GOZZER

Kelly goes to the shops for a tin of beans and comes back with bread, milk, butter, yet no beans - GOZZER

Kelly walks into a wall - GOZZER

Kelly is staring into space, seemingly pondering the world when John asks Kelly what she is pondering ? kelly replies, "sorry John i was just GOZZING out there for a moment"
by Dean_McCluskey July 01, 2007
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