A prgram for illiterate people, mostly children. It teaches how to read and write through different exercises. You can get it by dialing 1800-ABC-DEFG
How the hell am i supposed to order hooked on phonics by dialing ABCDEFG if i can't read?
by Diego Giraldez November 30, 2005
A program used by children to learn how to read. It is commonly used to describe a person who cannot read or pronounce words correctly. Alternatively, it can be used to insult a person who doesn't read well.
I don't know how to pronounce this (fucks the word up horribly). You know I'm hooked on phonics.

Jane: reads from a history book out loud in class, but stumbles through the reading.
Classmate: This bitch needs to be hooked on phonics.
by goodcrunchytaco January 29, 2021
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by houkkd oun fonnikz iz funn! October 5, 2003
when a large group is currently tripping on perscription drugs or various pills.
person A: "where was everyone last night?"
person B: "awhhh bro we were all so hooked on phonics it wasn't even real."
by Gabi321 November 19, 2009
The reading program for fuckholes! woohoo! yes, soo lee is indeed "hooked on phonics". YES YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKHOLE!!! teeheehee
by SRL September 26, 2004
According to Karkat Vantas in his 2012 smash hit single Karkalicious, this refers to those whom Strider's beats are best suited for.
Strider's beats are best suited for trolls hooked on phonics.
by DocScratch December 13, 2021