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people who come from baku and like to eat alot of chiscabob. like drinking vodka and they are very smart and like to speed on public roads
im a gorsky what are you?
ya crutus muskva, ya crutus baku tepair shto.
by Bigal March 23, 2005
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people born in "Guba" or Baku . have the sudden urge to eat shishkabob and drink vodka . Is to get married according to their parent's choice . and must keep their unibrow until they are married . =D
Gorsky Lady 1:"Alia, Iftach vcheera abruchilsa"

Gorsky Lady 2: "Allia, nyet ehh"

Gorsky Lady 1: "Ajun Pappa daa!"

Gorsky Lady 3: "Hay VOY!"
by ShellyBelly . July 14, 2008
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When someone is being an asshole when you did absolutely nothing wrong. That person is a Gorsky. He is the biggest girl you will ever know.
"Miss bipolar"
"He blamed everything on me! He's SUCH a Gorsky!"
by AyoooGurll January 07, 2012
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