from japanese folklore: a being that devours dreams, mainly nightmares.
hiruko from yumekui kenbun is a baku. :D
by lhuckee. March 4, 2009
Is the capital of azerbajin..the people are cool and say w.e they want.people there are crazy they love to drink vodka and get lots of meat.there's a lot of gorskys and armanions that live there too.
Wre u from?
I'm from baku. Got somthing to say?
by daniyel January 14, 2007
when a man ejaculates in a strange fashion, making odd sounds
oh baby stop bakuing so much in the bed
by schwoogum February 18, 2008
Baku is an almost futuristic city that combines both tradition and modernity.

The Baku, capital of Azerbaijan Republic with ancient history, natural and geographical conditions, abundant surface and underground resources, favorable climate, international transportation centers, modern and strong infrastructure and developed economy becomes one of the most beautiful capital cities of the region with its considerable strategic importance, as well as urban culture, modernity and beauty.

From a very ancient and perfectly restored Old City to some of the most extravagant buildings built thanks to petrol, Baku is a luxurious capital that managed to keep all their ancient sites.

Baku is the city of eternal flames, the city of winds.
Hey: Why should the capital be among the reasons why visiting Azerbaijan?
Me: Because Baku is a city that shocks and surprises anyone.
by heymamasita August 7, 2020
Guy from Final Fantasy IX. He is the leader of Tantalus, a band of thieves. Goes around saying 'Gwahahaha!'
Baku is funny. Gwahahaha!
by Adelbert Steiner March 21, 2008
A nigga that be fuckin around with food services asking for boneless whatever and wears a Yeezy season 2 jacket.
Genderflux: can I take your order
by Glozzeh gobbluh May 1, 2022
1. capitol of azerbaijan
2. the act of extending one's chin 90 degrees outward and saying Baku to scare the hell out of people that dont know what the hell youre doing. The funniest baku's are achieved when one extends their chin so far it places a permanent grimace on one's face, scarred for life with the curse of the baku
1. baku is a capitol of azerbaijan
2. Person1: BAKU!
Person 2: AAAAH!!!
by Alexcandefine March 25, 2008