When one farts while sitting and the escaping gasses cause one's testicles to move. (Can also be accomplished while standing, but one's testes must be hanging low.)
Oh man, I just gorped, now my balls are smelly.
by rectalprolapseranger December 17, 2013
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Good old resonated pot, the resin you get from smoking large amounts of weed out of a pipe/bowl. thought to originate from central pennsylvania (Penn State Unvi)

Man, smoking gorp sucks, i wish i had some dank.
by exitiom February 04, 2009
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The act of sitting in the tub and farting, and trying to eat the bubbles before they pop.
by Timay December 25, 2002
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To mount an individual from behind and push his/her head down repeatedly, while the two of you enthusiastically twirl your arms in concentric circles. Traditionally non-consensual; however, the interpretation and experience depend upon the context.
The rabbit is gorping the duck. The rabbit and duck are gorping.
by Words are fun! October 30, 2007
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When Don takes a bath he has his gorp Nathan there for amusement.
by coastworm October 31, 2003
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To gargle santorum. Sometimes thought to be trail mix. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not the same thing at all. People that say Gorp in reference to trail mix, like to Gorp.
After a long session of back to back anal sex I had a well deserved Gorp, which acted as a great lube for my throat.

After a long hike someone offered me "Gorp." I then proceeded to tell him that its called trail mix, and if he wanted to find out what Gorping is to just visit a Santorum rally.
by Rankor Monster February 12, 2012
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